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We now sell UAV's

Aerial Photography

Stock Photography

Custom Framing

Middle Tennessee Aerial Photography is a unique blend of creativity and technical precision, rolling out the cutting edge in aerial technology (UAV/UAS systems, or “drones”), aerial photography, and aerial cinematography to offer up dynamic solutions that can be individually tailored to your projects needs.  Our studio brings a diverse set of knowledge and capabilities to the field; staying current with the latest technological advancements, MTAP offers a myriad of tools for Aerial and Ground Cinematography.

MTAP operates with an FAA 333 Exemption, is fully insured and operates with safety and transparency as our top priorities.  Our experienced UAV/UAS operators interface with all relevant federal and local authorities to provide the safest, most reliable service possible.



We now do Onsite Event Photography!

Using custom green screen software we can make any

background for any occasion. 1000's of possible backgrounds! We deliver a 8x10 print in a few minutes after the picture is taken.

Aerial Quote

Custom Aerial Photography Services

Aerial of Boat Dock


Commercial Real Estate

Construction Progress

Vertical or map/plan view            Opry Land Hotel in Flood


Custom Architectural Photography Services



Daytime exterior/interior photography

dusk exterior/interior photography



Custom Elevated Photography Services

10 to 35 Foot Elevated views   Sam with his Elevated Pole

Elevated Panoramic Views


Stock Photography Services

Thousands of images searchable from the 1950 to the current


Graphics, Digital Editing and Printing Services

Printing to 44” x 66” on our Epson 9880 printer


Photography repair and enhancement

Custom Framing

Custom Framing Dept

Rocking chair on the sidewalk
Rocking chair on the sidewalk
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